AMG Grupe was established in 2006. We are AMG Grupe, the original group that established the company back in 2006. Why? Because we love what we do!

Just like children, we continue to learn things everyday – how to better print wide format products, CNC different materials, bend organic glass, and work with different materials all around.

We know that we will never run out of knowledge that we can acquire, and as of right now, we have already acquired enough knowledge and practice to push the boundaries of current ideas that are being executed. We can share the knowledge with you, and create the best products possible with your involvment.
Materials like plastic, aluminum composite, or organic glass, but also materials such as wood, metal, textile and other new technologies.

We wouldn’t like to call ourselves ad manufacturers, we like to think broader and show, that the equipment that was specifically shown to be made to manufacture specific things, can be used in different ways, and open new opportunities for art. Some of our art you can check out in our gallery!